Monday, April 30, 2007

Introduction to Shot Reverse Shot

Yes, this is yet another blog about film and art. Yes, there are many blogs on this subject out in the blogosphere.

I don't care. This one is mine. You can read it or not.

Quick introduction on me and my intention for this:

I'm a filmmaker. Was a film student, but then graduation happened. Being a filmmaker is a lot like being a film student, only with more debt and projects cost more to make. Of course, there's way more freedom too. I feel that my position as a filmmaker gives me more credibility than what mere fandom would and more insight than a regular, journalistic critic in the newspaper would have for the process. Roger Ebert (who I do admire) has to watch 500 films a year. I don't know how anyone could maintain a non-jaded view of film with that much viewing. I have no time to watch that many movies. I'm too busy making my own work.

So what I'm offering you, the casual surfer, is a viewpoint on film from an artist's perspective. Don't worry about heady deconstructions or over-reading symbols for messages about masculinity in a post-feminist era and how it relates to the simulacra of our post-modern culture.

Sometimes I may review a film I've recently seen. Sometimes I may just call attention to a filmmaker I like. Other times I may just reflect on life as a filmmaker and artist. People who know me know that I'm of a very divergent mind. Besides, I like variety.

Either way, enjoy yourself. When you're done, go check out that masturbating cat video on YouTube. It's fucking awesome!