Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 3: Nothing

Wow, I just watched another incredible movie. Today's entry is the 2003 film, Nothing, by Canadian filmmaker Vincenzo Natali, who made the also brilliant Cube.

Nothing is an absurdist comedy about two friends since childhood. You have Dave (Dave Hewlitt) and Andrew (Andrew Miller). Both friends are having one of the worst days of their lives when they realize that the problem isn't with themselves, but with them; that is, the outside world. As the outside world is threatening to crash in on their lives yet again and destroy all that they have, they "hate" away the world.

Suddenly, their house is floating in a totally white void. There is literally nothing. They only have each other, the house and whatever was in the house when the world disappeared.

While for most people, this would be a horrible nightmare, for Dave and Andrew, this is paradise. In this nothingness, they are completely free to do whatever they wish. The expectations and rules of the outside world no longer apply and out heroes are no longer the butts of life's cosmic joke.

I know I've harped on Hollywood flicks on the last two days' movies. I don't mean to keep criticizing, but Nothing's ending took me by surprise because it didn't have the conventional Hollywood ending you would expect. In it's own way, the ending presented in this movie is more authentic to the idea of the movie. I'd go into more detail, but I'd rather not spoil it.

Nothing is a fine film and I can't wait to see what Vincenzo Natali gives us next.

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